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About Us

WTAP went on the air with a test signal in October 1953. Its first official broadcast day was Nov. 11, 1953, Veteran's Day. Its initial location was at 123 West Seventh Street, near Camden-Clark Memorial Hospital. The station had a number of owners in the early days, including the Zanesville (OH) Publishing Company, which also owned WHIZ-TV at the time. It held ownership for about a decade before a group of local businessmen bought the station. They eventually sold it to Benedek Broadcasting in about 1980. At some point in time, WTAP radio went on the air from the same building, on AM frequency 1230. This was later spun off and sold, initially becoming WKYG-AM.

After 37 years on Seventh Street, WTAP moved from its original location to a former industrial research building at the foot of Market Street in the summer of 1990. Long-time WTAP on-air personality, Glenn Wilson, suggested and got the city's approval to rename the last block of Market Street "Television Plaza," and the new building was given the address of One Television Plaza. (Some on-line mapping data bases still show the address as 100 Market Street.) WTAP was purchased by Gray Television, Inc., in 2002.

WTAP is carried on multiple cable systems in roughly a 50-mile radius of Parkersburg, stretching as far east as West Union, WV (Doddridge County); as far south as Pt. Pleasant, WV (Mason County); as far north as Guernsey County, OH; and as far west as Athens County, OH. It is carried free, over-the-air on digital channel 15.1. All NBC HDTV programs can be seen on Suddenlink and CAS Cable's HDTV tier. And many of those HD programs can also be seen free, over-the-air on digital channel 15.1. FOX Parkersburg can be seen on many cable systems and digital channel 15.2 over the air. Our MyNetwork station, which we call “My5,” can be seen on some cable systems and free, over-the-air on digital 15.3. WTAP’s NBC and FOX stations are currently carried in Standard Definition on Dish within Wood, Washington and Pleasants counties only. Carriage of one or more of these stations is anticipated to begin on DirecTV before the end of 2011. WTAP became the first commercial television in West Virginia to begin shooting and presenting local news in high definition in May 2011.

Gray Television, Inc. is a television broadcast company headquartered in Atlanta, Georgia, whose primary mission is to provide quality news and entertainment services to the local markets in which the Company operates. Our commitment to local interests and a selective acquisition strategy provides growth opportunities, which builds long-term value for our stockholders.

Gray currently operates 36 television stations serving 30 markets. Each of the stations are affiliated with either CBS (17 stations), NBC (10 stations), ABC (8 stations) or FOX (1 station). In addition, we currently operate 40 digital second channels including 1 ABC, 4 Fox, 8 CW, 18 MyNetworkTV, 2 Universal Sports Network, 1 The Country Network affiliates and 6 local news/weather channels in certain of our existing markets.